Figma Super Sonico Review

(Hello! We recently moved and most of the figure reviews to be posted up here for a little bit are older reviews taken with an older camera at an older house! So when we move on to other reviews it’ll make sense when everything else is suddenly different…)Hey there! Here we have figma Super Sonico straight from the Anime Expo!

At first I wanted to get nendoroid Kirito, but after being baffled by his price tag (such a tiny guy for that?!) I stared at the figmas and back, the figmas, and back, Sonico, and back, and bam she ended up in a bag and in my hand! (Funny how these things turn out) I barely know Sonico (Besides the fact that she is the mascot for Nitroplus, right?) But who cares who she is? I had one of those strange attachments to her that told me, I had to have her! Maybe it was the pink hair…yeah it was. Anyway let’s get on to the review!
Sonico’s box is covered with pink stars and circles! Fits Sonico amazingly! Inside the box is her good old logo.


Say hi to the audience Sonico! Here she is ready to be reviewed! So lets–Wait I already started. Uh…So here’s Sonico in her………clothes!
Spinnin’ her around!!



Look! She has a tail!


Sonico has her headphones on (they’re headphones right?) which has a silver metallic coating! It’s so detailed for such a small accessory! The paint is extremely clean so far.


Here’s a view from the top, the headphones look incredible from here! But I do think they look great from the side too.


Daaaw, look at that little tiger! Is it wearing a diaper?! !(◎_◎;) The shirt is made of soft PVC


Sonico’s hood was made to look fuzzy! The hood is made of two parts, the pom pom part and the actual hood. You’ll see why in a little bit.


Her sleeves have wrinkles!! Another reason I really wanted Sonico was the attention to detail on this figure, it’s great!


Her camouflage jacket has a glossy zipper and is orange on the inside. It is also made of soft PVC.


Sonico’s miniskirt is once again, made of soft PVC and has a flap, allowing extra leg movement. Although it’s short enough that it honestly doesn’t matter. Hmm…the paint on that white part is a little sloppy, but I actually think it was supposed to look that way, similar to the pom poms?


Her shoes look like Uggs (which I haven’t seen many people wear since 2008-2010) and has fluffy pom poms on the top.


Sonico’s hair is light pink but has a lovely dark pink gradient on the ends.


The back of her hoodie has a tail (that isn’t on a joint so don’t try moving it) and is all blue and camouflage.


The hood of the jacket has ears, so this jacket was supposed to look like a cat then?


On to the accessories!
Sonico has a happy smiling face, that you can even see her teeth in her mouth!
This’ll probably be my last chance to say this but Sonico’s collarbone is visible! What amazing detail! (There’s even more details but I’ll leave those as a surprise ( *`ω´))


She has a winking face.


And an upset crying face.
I need to say that the first one is my favorite, and I really don’t have a least favorite.


On to my favorite accessory of hers, a guitar!


It has a strap like most of the of the other figma guitars and it’s shiny and glossy! The guitar has no strings.


Sonico comes with a special guitar hand which allows her to “play” the guitar by putting her fingers on the frets.


Another hand is one that’s holding a pick.


Peace! Sonico comes with this hand too. (There are two of them, one left one right, by the way.)


On to the most pain-in-the-butt accessory, the hood. Let me show you how to put it on, so keep reading!



First off you want to remove the previous hood from her back. (So thats why it’s two parts!)
Now just remove the fringe and fuzzy part (just to make this easier) and slip the hood right in.


Then put a face in, slip the fringe in, put the fuzzy part into the little knobs on the hood, and connect the hood with the pom poms.
There you have it! Sonico’s hood is now up.


Unfortunately the hood somehow manages to make Sonico look down instead of right up (Similar to BRS Tv animation ver) so if you don’t mind that you should be fine with it.
Lets take Sonico for a little trip!






_To Sum It Up_
Sonico is a great figma and super, super fun to play with! She’s a lively addition to your collection and worth every penny. I’m certain if you get her the fun will never stop, and your camera will never shut off! There is pretty much 0 paint errors!!!
Sonico is an amazing purchase!

Special thanks for my parents for giving me the opportunity to attend AX for the second time!! And lots of thanks to my grandparents for going with me, you guys are awesome!


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