Figma Ryoko Asakura Review

Warning: this review may contain some spoilers. If you haven’t seen up until the Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya part IV, than read carefully or not at all.

I remember the day one of my friends at school recommended that I watched this show…Im glad I did!
This review is on a ridiculously old figma! This figma is figma number 23, and was my 3rd figma ever!!! Which makes her…2 years old? Daaang. Any who I still love this figure but to be honest…she’s broken (T . T) But just pretend her arms there…(I tried glue.) and don’t let that distract you from her awesomeness. Since Ryoko had very little screen time, she doesn’t come with much. So, lets get on to the review!

Ryoko’s box is blue and white, pretty plain compared to the newer Figmas, but it goes along with the other Haruhi figure boxes.

Here she is! Ah…isn’t the light of afternoon so nice? I had to be quick before it got too dark (^^;;


Spinning around…

I always loved Ryoko’s character design! Her hair is sculpted with lots of detail, and her bangs have been translated amazingly into figma form.

Here’s the back, I love that red hair pin! Her hair is a hard piece of plastic…so don’t expect much movement back there.

Ah~ there’s one of my favorite uniforms! Just like the other Haruhi Figmas, her bow and sleeves are hard plastic. That V shaped thing is soft PVC though.

Being made of soft PVC and having a slight slit, Ryoko’s skirt doesn’t get in the way of leg movement.

Shoes! And white socks! Not much to say here…

Those sleeves- so wrinkly!!

Part of her fringe is made of soft PVC.

Accessory time! This face above is my favorite face of Ryoko, so sweet…but cold!

This one seems a little…strange to me.

Say hello to Ryoko’s dagger! This is her only prop…but it’s the only thing she used. (In an attempt to kill Kyon)

This was one of my favorite scenes from the show, when Ryoko and Yuki have a bit of a showdown for Kyon’s life! It was so dynamic…

The metallic blade has some ridges to show texture. (That’d be a painful scratch…(・・;))

Ryoko…what are you holding…? (ーー;)Uh. Ryoko comes with Taniguchi’s head so if you have double Itsuki, or double Kyon, you can have Taniguchi join the gang.

Since I don’t have Kyon or Itsuki…
(T ^ T) So sorry Kirito…

Alien Friends!! (I wish…)
_To Sum it Up_
Ryoko is a really fun figma, but isn’t all that fun on her own. I’d recommend her to figma beginners since she doesn’t come with much and is easy to work with and pose! Not only that but she just plain looks great! Thanks for reading and see you next time.


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