Figma Yuki Nagato Witch Ver. Review

Hello! This is a newer review of an older figma! Getting figma Yuki Nagato finally completed my figma SOS brigade! Although this figma of Nagato is from the beginning of the figma line, I haven’t had her for all that long so she’s still new to me! I also have been given a new camera by my mom, her old one, and I couldn’t be happier! Aside from that, I’m not very used to this camera yet and have taken few pictures with it, so bare with me if they aren’t great quality. Now then, lets open her up and check her out.


After recently moving, I don’t have all my boxes with me, so for today I’m just going to explain what Nagato’s box looks like. This version of Nagato has a huge figma box (probably the largest of its time) Each Haruhi box has the colors of their character CDs, so Nagato’s is purple and white. There are two different versions of the box, the wonfes early release Ver (which is black) and the standard release Ver (the one I have and is purple) other than the box, I don’t believe there are any other differences in the figure. This version of Nagato is almost like getting two figures in one! You’ll see in a little bit, currently Nagato is in her school uniform.

Here’s her side view.

And the back.

Nagato’s short hair is painted a clean lavender with a darker purple gradient.

Maybe it’s because Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuutsu is the first anime I really enjoyed that I love this uniform so much! It has such a nice casual but official feel to it!! The paint on this figure is very, very neat! Even if Nagato is only figma number 15, she lives up to the figma standards extremely well.

Her skirt is made of our best friend, soft PVC! Nagato’s skirt also has that double flap, to make it easier to move her legs around. The sleeves and bow are made of hard plastic, but that blue and red part on the top of the shirt is also made of Soft PVC. And I love how her sleeves are wrinkled instead of just a blank flatness. As you can see, Yuki is wearing her winter uniform (but she doesn’t have that brown jacket she always wears!)

Here you can see her socks and shoes, not much to say here.

Nagato’s flap thingy on her shirt (not sure what its called…) is made of soft PVC but can’t be moved to far without ripping it off.

Her hair is sculpted to look spiky, and has a dark purple gradient at the ends.

Mac factory even included her part on the top of her head ^_^ Good job Max factory!

Lets move on to the accessories, shall we? The reason I liked this Nagato better than the original Nagato figma is because as Yami Usagi stated the other ones face looked “lifeless or dead”. And I didn’t want a dead Nagato!! (°_°). This one also came with a lot more. Here’s yuki’s normal static staring face that is looking to the side.

Let me say that Nagato does NOT come with this face on her own, if you have Kouyou version Haruhi you’ll get this face as an extra. This is Yuki from the disappearance of Haruhi suzumiya, and although a loose fit it still works!

One prop she comes with is her guitar! Well, it’s not her’s, she used it in a performance with Haruhi at the school festival! It’s white and black and has no strings!


Nagato comes with a pick hand, and a guitar hand to put her fingers on the frets! Both these hands don’t have joints, and have that horrid ball on the end causing you much grief in attempts to put it on. (EDIT: this hand actually might not be for the guitar…so I added a picture to show what it could be for.)

Another hand! This one is to hold her magic wand she uses during the movie Haruhi was making with SOS brigade!

EDIT: turns out that hand from before could be for holding this strange thing, the hand on the right is the real guitar holder (I think.)

Nagato comes with a sign and 2 sheets of different stickers! The adhesive on these stickers are pretty good, and stay on without peeling.

This prop is my favorite, but a bit of a pain to get on. The cloak comes in three different pieces, you put two together by snapping in the knobs on the back, but my knobs are stubborn and don’t snap very easily or at all…To get it on you pop Nagato’s head off and put the cloak together on her body, then put the head back on.

The previous picture showed the 1st piece that covers the left arm completely. This picture shows the alternate piece that allows left arm movement!

What’s a witch without a witch’s hat? The huge hat practically balances on her head, and being that it’s heavy this can be a little bit hard to do.


Nagato’s tea set for two is surprisingly small! The tray is about the size of a quarter. The two cups have tea inside! Much better than some figures that came with empty cups…

I actually forgot about this poor guy…Yuki comes with the one and only talking cat, Shamisen!

Here’s the back of his adorable hard plastic body!

Enjoying tea in the garden.
This review was painful to take pictures of…I did it in our front yard and as the neighbors walked by seeing me half awake snapping pictures of a 75$ piece of plastic, I could feel their cold hard stares smack into my back…I hope they weren’t thinking “the new neighbors a freak…” (T . T) But it was worth it.
_To Sum it Up_
Nagato witch version is a great figure! She comes with a lot of stuff and is somewhat fun on her own. Aside from all that, I wouldn’t recommend her to figma beginners. A lot of her parts are very fragile, and her hands are insanely hard to deal with. (So glad they changed the hands after a while…) So if you’re familiar with the figma line and “figma experienced” I’d recommend her, if not, then maybe you should look for a different figure to get. If you absolutely want her for your first, I won’t try to stop you for she’s a great figma, and I know ill bring her back out for Halloween! (-_^). Thanks for reading!


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