Figma Ayase Aragaki Review

Today’s review is on figma Ayase Aragaki from the anime Ore no imouto ga konna ni Kawaii, also known as Oreimo.

I’ve had the pictures all summer…but never wrote the review!! (Poor Ayase…) well her wait is over, so lets get on to the review!

Ayase’s box is super colorful, which works with the series quite well!

Here she is in her school uniform, she’s the same height as figma Kirino Kousaka.


Side and back

Ayase, along with the other Oreimo characters, translated into figma form amazingly. Part of Ayase’s fringe is made up of soft PVC.

I’ve had Ayase since December 2012…but she doesn’t have many paint errors! The paint on her tie and uniform are extremely clean.

Ayase’s flowing skirt is made of soft PVC and has a slit to allow extra leg movement.

Her shoes and socks, nothing much to say about those.

Since Ayase’s hair is just hard plastic she comes with an extra knob that plugs into the stand so it goes in from the side, but I forgot to put it on at the moment of the photos…(T ^ T)

That being said her navy blue hair has a nice dark gradient on the ends.

On to the accessories! What’s great about figma Ayase is that she comes with a wide range of emotions, this is her normal happy smiling face.

Next is a dark Yandere face, which she uses much more in season 2.

And a disgusted face.

She also comes with a soft PVC bag with a yellow octopus?! Or is it cheese-kun from Code Geass?

Being soft and PVC it can open up, you can even shove stuff inside!

Here flip phone that always stays off…

The bag has a neat purple stripe.

And my favorite and final accessory, the Yandere handcuffs!

They are flexible, and shiny!
_To Sum it Up_
Ayase Aragaki is fun figma to own, but doesn’t come with a lot of stuff. Even so that makes her a great figma for figma beginners. She isn’t all that fun on her own, but if you have Kirino or Kuroneko you can spice things up! Ayase is necessary to complete you Oreimo collection!
Special thanks to my Grandma for giving this to me as a gift! Thanks so much!!



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