My Little Pony: Equestria Girls Review


I have to say, I didn’t see this coming ^^;, but in a way I sort of did. This Movie MLP Equestria Girls is basically about Twilight going into some other world (Our world? Hmm, maybe) and trying to get her crown back, by becoming pretty much prom queen. I’d say that she went to Earth but, I don’t think anyone here has blue or pink skin, just saying. If you look at any other reviews you’ll probably get a boat load of brony whining, and although my parents laugh at the term “pegasister” it wasn’t that bad. I’m sure that when I was younger, I would’ve gone head-over-heels for this movie, being obviously aimed towards younger girls. Since MLP Friendship is Magic was originally aimed towards little girls and ended up being popular with a much different crowd this could be their way of making something strictly for dem lil kids.


Even though I find the idea of seeing all the characters in human form a bit…strange, it did teach a pretty good lesson. I thought this movie was pretty good, honestly. It obviously had a moral and wasn’t overly cliché about it, hooray.


But this isn’t exactly the movie I’d go tell all my friends “YOU MUST WATCH THIS” it’s more of a movie to tell your friend’s little sister to watch. I’m not saying older people can’t watch this haha but I’m saying that the younger folk’ll get the most out of it. This movie’s only an hour and I think 13 mins long and is on Netflix, so if you feel oh so curious, knock your self out.


What did you think?

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