Legend of Zelda: Figma Link Review

Hi everyone! Merry Christmas >w<! Today’s review is on a certain famous video game character who I got for christmas! From the Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword for the Wii, Figma Link!

Here he is! Although he isn’t the tallest Figma around he is quite…bulky! His box is painted with clouds and the sky, which is pretty central to gameplay in Skyward Sword! It has the colors of brown and green which match his character.

IMG_2619Sorry it’s slanted -_-… Here’s Link in all his miniature glory!

IMG_2622AUGH It’s blurry! T^T

IMG_2627His green tunic!  Look at those huge joints…

IMG_2628His elf ears have been shrunken down to Figma size! His belts and bags and straps are all a solid brown color. The paint is very well done on this Figure!

IMG_2630He’s finally wearing pants! The ruffles and folds on his clothing are also very well done, although the chain mail is a bit bland under his tunic it’s still nice and shiny!

IMG_2633From the side. Similar to Figma Kirito he has two stand holes! He comes with a special stand that is typically used for figures with long hair.

IMG_2635On to the accessories! This is the sheath for Link’s iconic master sword. It has a lot of detail with all the bolts and belts on it. The shiny gold triforce is right smack in the middle of it.

IMG_2636It can plug into the top hole above the stand.

IMG_2640Next up’s the master sword! This would be complete if only they made  Figma of Fi! The master sword itself is EXTREMELY detailed! I love that blue ribbon around the handle.

IMG_2642Adding the master sword into the mix…

IMG_2643And finally the one and only Hylian Shield! This is probably my favorite accessory he comes with! It’s looks like it was ripped off from the screen.

IMG_2644It’s complete! ;u;

IMG_2648“RAAA!” As any zelda nerd knows, link.cant.talk. All he can do is say battle cries and grunts and stuff! Here’s his “battle shout” face.

IMG_2652Skyward…strike! Raise dat sword skyward Link!

IMG_2653Here’s another cool feature that Link comes with, his feet have joints on the toes so they can bend for even more action pose-ability!


IMG_2657He also comes with a separate fringe, to simulate the wind blowing/running

IMG_2661And a “swoosh” effect! It’s really cool and transparent, and simply slips right onto the sword!

_To Sum it Up_

This is an AMAZING figure!! He’s posable, comes with a lot of stuff, super detailed, and incredibly accurate! I recommend him for any Figma fan, and most definitely any zelda fan! I wouldn’t recommend him for beginners though since the shield and sword can a be bit fragile and confusing. If you do order him, you won’t regret it! Trust me!

Thanks for reading as always and stay tuned for more sigma reviews! Merry Christmas everyone! And thanks to my parents for this lovely figure! You guys are awesome! ^^


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