I Have Been Tricked ;_;

So today I was out at a local store…and they had some nendoroids and most of them looked, well, fake. But then there was a Snow Miku 2013 Ver. that looked pretty good, two of the faces looked just like the original and the price was definitely legit, so I got her a haha. When I got home I had some doubts and decided to check a few things. Two of the faces were just like the original, not shiny or anything. But one of them was somewhat shiny. She didn’t even come with the snowflake head piece (I don’t think, I didn’t check everything). And boom, she was a bootleg. I can’t believe I feel for such trickery! Augh! Well, I’d like to get some matte to make her less shiny and fix her up a bit. Do some custom nendo work :3

If you have any bootleg stories you’d like to tell, feel free to comment about them below! Thanks for reading 😀


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