The Figure-Collecting Hobby?

If you’re new to this type of collecting you’re probably wondering, what’s figure collecting? What’s a Figma..? This post will be sure to answer all those questions!

A well known figure distributor/maker is Good Smile Company. They make lovely scale figures and distribute the Figma series, but are best known for their nendoroids!

Let me explain what a nendoroid is. A nendoroid is a figure based off of a character or real person. Nendoroid’s have strange proportions similar to that of “chibi” (big heads and little bodies).


Nendoroid’s have cute little bodies and amazing paint jobs! (the newer ones at least)

5df72b2c7ee495e46f91f2325a5bc889They tend to come with various expression parts and accessories!

e9f2eddfb0c8f38a3c92608c007f8fc7They are also very tiny.

0e6e1ac1e2877cd2097c29327da5f7dcAnd if you thought they couldn’t get any smaller, well they sure can! GSC has another series of nendoroids called “nendoroid petite”. These little figures are roughly an 2-4 inches wide (I only have one nendoroid petite so I’m not so sure…)

ee153aa0cdbfd18da65f02bd022b82a5On to my favorite figure series! The Figma series. Figma figures are a series of articulated figures by Max Factory which are distributed through GSC. They are much bigger than nendoroids and have more accurate proportions. The are beautifully made and the best of articulated figures!

e186bcb843a3dcf190ccf01ecab63b3bSimilar to nendoroids they come with various accessories and face plates as well (typically 3 different faces)


Figma figures tend to have multiple characters from series Such as the Attack on Titan series, which currently have 4 Figma renditions (Mikasa, Eren, Levi, and Armin)

48629aef91895bf5a72428c72b35b183Next up are scale figures. I have longed to have a GSC made scale figure but they are pretty expensive so…

6018096013c0646640cc9cfd937c119eScale figures a great because, first of all they’re huge! Second of all they have AMAZING detail, and finally their stands are so unique and awesome!


Scale figures are typically based on cover art and drawings from the series, since they can’t be moved around or changed. Sometimes they come with alternative accessories and faces, but that isn’t common.


Next is moving away from GSC and Max Factory and heading over to Bandai. Bandai has their own figure line called S.H. Figuarts, which are known for their Kamen Rider, Power Ranger, and Precure articulated figures.

S.H.figuart.beauty04They obviously aren’t as high quality as Figma figures, but they cover a much different, I guess, area than GSC and Max Factory though.

31735-sailormoonheaderSH Figuarts has recently made some Sailor Moon figures, which is great because the series has very few good quality figures.

SH-Figuarts-Sailor-Mars-ScanLike the previous figures, SH Figuarts comes with various accessories and faces. But this line tends to come with way more faces than the others ranging from 3-6

Figuarts-Zero-Luffy-Battle-Ver-Bandai-003Another line of Bandai’s is Figuarts Zero, which makes scale figures mostly from One Piece.

Well that’s pretty much covers the main types of figures (I left a lot out though!) I hope after reading this you’re more informed and may possibly start a collection of your own!



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