S.H. Figuarts: Sailor Mars Review

(I have been putting this off for so long and have finally gotten to finishing it, so here it is!) Oh man…I’ve been overly obsessed with Fairy Tail recently…and can’t seem to stop ;_;. Anyway…here’s a review different to the typical Figma review! Let the review begin!

Here’s a look at a character that’s sure to bring back some childhood memories…Sailor Mars!


Sailor Mars comes from the iconic anime, Sailor Moon! She comes with numerous parts that have to do with her character. Her long legs make her stand quite tall up. As you can see her stand it somewhat similar to that of a Figma, but still has its differences

IMG_3060So far what I dislike the most would be her feet. One of the heels is dented, and both the ankles drive me crazy! Won’t be expecting her to stand up on her own…

IMG_3063From the back you can see those monstrously huge joints on her ankles much easier, as well as her hair. The hair isn’t as good as Figma hair since it’s made from hard plastic and has no gradient whatsoever. But that does make sense being that Rei’s hair is jet black.

IMG_3066 Her legs are extremely long (and makes up most of her body height) and her skirt is dangerously small. I wouldn’t recommend playing around with her legs since when I tried to move it a bit the thing snapped right off, and let me say it wasn’t easy to get back on -_- (nor was it enjoyable)


Mar’s bow and skirt are actually a bit sparkly if you look at it closely. Another downside to this figure is that nothing on her is made of soft PVC! All of her clothes are solid and hard. Luckily her skirt is short enough that it won’t interfere with any leg movement.


I didn’t have really any paint problems with her said from this red smudge on her white glove (which isn’t obvious or anything…) Besides that that’s about it.


Here’s something good that Mars came with. Her hair has little joints on the bottom so you can have it like this…



Or like this! “Achieve great volume with this quick, simple, and easy step. Put joints on your head.”


Here are her faces! She comes with a happy grinning face, a more serious staring face, and attack face, and a special face for what I’m about to show you.


Mars fire….ignite!” She comes with a special set of hands for her special attack! Along with that face I mentioned earlier. She also comes with many different hands as well!

_To Sum it Up_

S.H. Figuarts Mars is a nice figure overall, and is pretty accurate compared to her anime counterpart. Of course, now that I’m in I’m afraid I’ll have to get the other Sailor Senshi at some point…with Sailor Venus and Jupiter at the top of my list ;). Obviously these can’t compare to the quality of a Figma figure, which is highly superior in terms of paint, joints, etc, but this one is still relatively good. I’d recommend this for a Sailor Moon fan, and someone looking to expand their figure collection a little bit.

Thanks for reading!



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