Figma Hatsune Miku 2.0: Review


I never wanted to purchase the original Miku Figma. I don’t know, there just wasn’t anything that stood out about her, and she looked a bit stare-offish (not only that but she’s not the best Figma Max factory has made.) Luckily, to celebrate their 200th Figma they decided to make something they’ve done before, to illustrate the new style of Figma. Therefore Hatsune Miku 2.0 was born!


This wasn’t just a big jump for Miku, but for the Figma line as well! They’ve changed up a few things about how the figure works. At first sight this Miku obviously looks much better than the previous one, she’s a lot brighter with some more “personality”


Her legs are shiny…


From the back


Her metallic vest has been painted with a shiny paint, it looks a lot neater and accurate than the Miku of the past! Her hair is also much more detailed with a prettier blue color as well.


Cheerleading Miku~ Now this is what separates her from the older Figmas, her arms can really stretch! So she can point her arm upward without it looking slanted.


So…so….so….SHINY! Everything on Miku is ridiculously glossy! She’s also got some finer details on the legs and skirt that past Miku didn’t have.


Miku’s vest has ruffles on it, to mimic realistic cloth. The bottom of her shoes are that beautiful turquoise color (my favorite color, by the way!)


Her hair gets transparent on the ends, which provides a nice gradient (even Vocaloids like Ombre hair 😉 ) Her twin tails are very posable by the way


 On to the accessories! Miku comes with three faces. This static smiling face…


A cheerful winking face

IMG_3296And this blushing, side-glance face.


“High five ten!”


These could be used for high tenning, but they were originally intended to be used for sitting poses, such as this one.


Da-daaa! Miku comes with some wings!

IMG_3318They plug into the stand through this little stand-addon right here. I wouldn’t recommend pulling this out because when I did the wings snapped in half -_- (nothing some super glue can’t handle…)


A guitar! With Miku comes a shiny electric guitar, which won’t be making any noise because

A.) It’s plastic

B.) There’s no mini amp


There aren’t any strings as well! Add that to the list

C.) There aren’t any strings.


What’s this? A stand?


It’s a mic stand! She comes with a microphone and stand that reaches to about Miku’s neck


“sekai de ichiban ohime-sama, souyu atsukai kokoro ete yone!”

The mic can also be removed for some more on-stage action


Super Sonico (who I don’t bring out for pictures near as much as I should be) plays alongside Miku for a duet!

_To Sum it Up_

Miku is a wonderful new addition to the Figma line, and really kicked off the second hundred with a bang! Miku’s everything you’d expect from a Figma: Amazing paint, articulation, accuracy, and great “. She’s a must buy for any Figma collector, and I’d recommend it to the “daring” beginner (which basically means if you’re good with small and fragile parts.)

Well, thanks for reading! Hope to see you next time!




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