Wonfes Summer 2014: Highlights

I’m obviously way late on this…When I remembered Wonfes was coming around I wasn’t stalking the internet for any trace of released figures, but instead I was out doing other things and completely forgot about it. A month later, and not having anything to post really, I decided to go on out and check the new figures that were released. So I flipped open my laptop, went on Tomopop, and saw the figures for each manufacturer. And these are the ones that stood out to me the most!


I’m just going to kick this off with Eren, who’s looking somewhat bishounen somehow. I think it’s his chest :/. Anyway I’m definitely not planning on buying any of these scale figures, since I can’t say I have the money to. And things like this tend to let you down by surpassing your price expectations by a mile.


Next up is some good ol’ Ciel Phantomhive. I’m not crazy about Black Butler (although I do enjoy it), but I do love me some Ciel or Alois. And that horse, it’s oh so majestic!


Spinning into the post is Levi, who’s ready to slice himself some titan meat (I don’t want to imagine how titan would taste). Levi is my favorite character in Attack on Titan, and although I would be more than happy to splurge on him, I must reserve my money for better things…


Things like this. I am most certain I will never get my hands on this tsundere filled wonder but I can’t help but marvel at him and his cleaning expertise. That face, that duster, that piece of cloth wrapped around his neck…


I believe this is from No Game No Life, however I could be wrong. I have yet to watch this, as well as everything else that’s new nowadays (I haven’t been watching anything for quite some time now) but I have to admit this figure is pretty adorable, especially that colored hair!


Ohoho, Nendoroid Batman…I can’t imagine how much fun this one would be :3 eheheh.


And to cause even more pain for poor Levi-loving Tsun, GSC decided to throw nendoroid cleaningLevi out there too.


Next is some Hatsune Miku, I believe this is from Tell Your World? Or something along those lines. Anyway this looks really accurate to the album artwork, and I do love that dress!


And as if that wasn’t enough they put have a Hatsune Miku Red Riding Hood version as well, which is just pushing all my buttons in terms of wanting something. The frills, the details, the contrast between her hair and the color of her dress, that adorable little fox. Everything


I don’t know who this is but I like it


Here are the Love Live Girls as well! I think that season two is out now? But I have yet to watch it.


Then there’s Figma Lucina, in all her painted glory. If anything this tops the chart of my most wanted Figma for sure. If there’s anything I’ll always be into it’ll be video games.


Then there’s the donut lover, Shinobu. All of us have been waiting so long, so, so, long that this was less of a shock and more of a “geez, finally.” I wish I had a Homer Simpson figure to keep her company (if I were to get my hands on her that is!)

And that concludes this Summer Wonfes highlights! But don’t worry, they’ll be back soon, once winter comes around another wave of figures will come as well! Do you agree with my list? Which ones were your favorite from this years wonfes?


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