A New Beginning?

Hey guys,

Yeah, I’m still alive ^^; ahaha. To be honest I don’t know, I didn’t think this day would come but..it did. I’m just not as into anime and figure collecting as much as I used to be. I kind of wish I had gotten a co-owner, so you guys wouldn’t just be waiting for something new and have nothing happen. Sorry about that. Anyway so this is where I need your guys feedback. I’m thinking about “expanding” this website, if you know what I mean. Write about other shows like Supernatural, Sherlock, Doctor Who, etc. Of course I’ll keep my figure posts, and anime ones as well, but there’ll just be more! If you think expanding is a good idea comment below, and I’d love to hear any of your ideas for the website! Thanks 😀 and I look forward to getting back to posting in the future!



4 thoughts on “A New Beginning?

  1. Oh, I think you should expand! Sometimes it’s never good just to do one thing – especially if you’re not into the hobby as before. ^^ Like, for me, I do manga reviews and talk about anime stuff, anime merchandise, other stuff about the culture that interests me. ^^ But it’s your blog! If you want to talk about Sherlock or Supernatural, I don’t see why not!

    • Glad you like the idea! I just wanted to make sure before I made any major changes :). I’m still going to talk about the same things as before, shows like attack on Titan etc, but I thought it’d just be cool to add what I really enjoy now! If you have any ideas Id love to hear them 😀 thanks!

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