My Bootleg Levi Pt. 2


Hey guys, back again with an update on my Bootleg Levi (ノ^ヮ^)ノ*:・゚✧ So the vender emailed back and said it’d be a waste of time and money to give me a refund, so they want to ‘give me half and let me keep the figure’. Ha, okay. Anywho, gonna contact Amazon and see if they can do anything about it, but before I ship him off I decided to take a few pictures for you guys. I didn’t bring out the box he came in since it was basically a floppy crushed piece of red cardboard with a titan in the back, but here’s a look at the figure itself.

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My Bootleg Levi

OHMYGOD YOU GUYS IM LAUGHING SO HARD RIGHT NOW! After weeks of research I finally found a Levi figure that I wanted on Amazon, it was the Sen-ti-Nel Brave Act Levi scale figure. All the reviews were good and the pictures in the reviews looked like he was great, so I ordered him. The seller’s name was HyTan, so if you come across this, don’t buy his or hers stuff! Anywho, I waited almost a month for it to arrive, and today, it came in a battered package on my front door. It was wrapped in tape and was almost impossible to open.
Apparently it came from China, but the description said it was being shipped from Japan. Interesting.

So I opened it up and saw the weirdest looking box art. I knew what the box was supposed to look like so what I saw came as a shock to me. It had two fake stickers on it, Petit Chara Land and Chimi Mega, two brands that sell mostly Naruto Chibi figures. Odd.

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List: Favorite Anime OP Songs

Hey guys! Back this time with a list of some of my favorite anime openings :D. These are the ones that I can list off of the top of my head, and to be honest it’s a never ending list, but for now I’m gonna throw a few out there. These aren’t in any particular order.

1.) Link- FMA Conqueror of Shamballa


This song holds a special place in my heart, also it’s really catchy ahaha.

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Random Recs: Spring/Summer 2015 Anime

Hey! Tsuntaku here with a new set of Random Reccomendations. This edition is for some of the shows that I have finished/currently watching for Spring and Summer 2015 (shows that were airing during this time). Let’s begin! Also note that this list isn’t in any particular order, just by the ones I wanted to write about first. The words I put in the parenthesis show whether I finished the show or am still watching it.

1.)  Your Lie in April (finished)

 I aM ACTUALLY GROSS SOBBING LOOKING AT THIS PICTURE OMIGOSH. I think that sums up the show…Basically it’s about the main character, Arima Kousei, who was a piano prodigy up until his mother passed away. After that, he wasn’t able to hear the notes. That is until he met Kaori, who basically forced him to play piano again and she became his reason for playing. Omg, this show was so so so good. It was beautiful, the scenery was great, the music was amazing and is a huge part of the entire series (it has some of my personal favorite piano pieces in there), and all the characters are lovable and grow throughout the story. The ending, on the other hand, is aBSOLUTELY HEARTSHATTERING!! It wasn’t out of the blue, or unexpected, since through most the series the ending is hinted to be inevitable, but it was still heart breaking and made me cry nonstop for a week afterwards (I’m still not over it). Still, at the same time, the ending was beautiful, it was sweet, and it tied things up perfectly. Some happy tears were shed at the end, but they were quickly replaced by onES OF SORROW. To sum it up, this show is absolutely amazing, and I highly recommend that you watch it. But be warned, the end will crush you then stab you in the heart then crush you some more. So watch out.

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about that last post….I tried to get away (I tried, I really did) mostly because I wanted to be ‘less nerdy’ because I felt like an outcast and stuff. And I did, and made more friends, but then I found some other friends who were into the same stuff, and I kinda went ‘nO MORE! I AM A WEEABOO AND I ALWAYS WILL BE’ so yeah, I am back. I’ll try to write some more random rec’s and maybe make some favorite character lists because, why not. I haven’t gotten many new figures, so I might review some older ones :D. Thanks for sticking with me this long!