Random Recs: Spring/Summer 2015 Anime

Hey! Tsuntaku here with a new set of Random Reccomendations. This edition is for some of the shows that I have finished/currently watching for Spring and Summer 2015 (shows that were airing during this time). Let’s begin! Also note that this list isn’t in any particular order, just by the ones I wanted to write about first. The words I put in the parenthesis show whether I finished the show or am still watching it.

1.)  Your Lie in April (finished)

 I aM ACTUALLY GROSS SOBBING LOOKING AT THIS PICTURE OMIGOSH. I think that sums up the show…Basically it’s about the main character, Arima Kousei, who was a piano prodigy up until his mother passed away. After that, he wasn’t able to hear the notes. That is until he met Kaori, who basically forced him to play piano again and she became his reason for playing. Omg, this show was so so so good. It was beautiful, the scenery was great, the music was amazing and is a huge part of the entire series (it has some of my personal favorite piano pieces in there), and all the characters are lovable and grow throughout the story. The ending, on the other hand, is aBSOLUTELY HEARTSHATTERING!! It wasn’t out of the blue, or unexpected, since through most the series the ending is hinted to be inevitable, but it was still heart breaking and made me cry nonstop for a week afterwards (I’m still not over it). Still, at the same time, the ending was beautiful, it was sweet, and it tied things up perfectly. Some happy tears were shed at the end, but they were quickly replaced by onES OF SORROW. To sum it up, this show is absolutely amazing, and I highly recommend that you watch it. But be warned, the end will crush you then stab you in the heart then crush you some more. So watch out.

2.)  Parasyte- The Maxim (still watching)

  I’m about halfway through the anime series, and let me say that it is great. Like, amazing. At first I was a little skeptical about watching it, but after seeing a trailer I was convinced that this was “my kind of show”. It’s one of those shows that you get completely wrapped up in, I never get bored watching it, and I’m always sitting on the edge of my seat. It’s great, the characters are great, it’s all great. Surprisingly, I like some of the Parasytes, especially the one that takes of Shinichi’s (the main character) hand. This parasyte is named Migi, and somehow, I find him absolutely adorable. Basically, one day these creatures called ‘parasytes’ come and invade the Earth. They do this by taking over the brain of a human, and inhabiting their body and try to blend into daily life (in order to kill more people). Shinichi wasn’t taken over fully by the Parasyte, since he slept with his headphones on (lucky him). Over time, they begin to form a bond that helps them fight other parasyte’s together, who immediately attack the two once they realize that his brain is still intact. It’s a great show and is really exciting, and I highly reccomend that you watch it.

3.)  My Love Story!! (Still watching)

I am very close to finishing this one (only two episodes left), and I’m sad to see it come to a close. This was a show that I was looking forward to seeing the second that I heard about it, and it has definitely lived up to my expectations. There isn’t much of a conflict in the show (there are little ones but it isn’t the type of show with an antagonist and such), but even so, it still keeps me watching and enjoying every episode. It’s basically about this guy named Gouda Takeo, who a lot of people are afraid of. He has a lot of friends, is really strong, and is super kind, but because of his intimidating outward appearance strangers and girls tend to stay away from him. His best friend, Sunakawa, is the opposite, and is very popular with the girls. One day, he sees a man molesting a girl named Yamato on the train, and after saving her, their adorable relationship unfolds. It’s a very cute show, and it’s sweet getting to see Yamato and Takeo act all lovey dovey every episode. It’s funny as well, and has a lot to offer.

4.)  Prison School (still watching)

 I have watched A LOT of weird shows in my lifetime, but this one is certainly one of the oddest shows I have watched ever. I don’t even know where to begin, or know if I can explain it. But I’ll try. So basically the show is set at a historically all-girl’s boarding school, that begins accepting male students for the first time. Only five boys make it into the school, and those five are the main characters. All five of them are girl obsessed (hard to blame them since they’re surrounded by them all the time), but the school has strict rules against any girl and boy interaction. Let’s just say someone had to break that rule at some point, and by doing so, they’re forced to spend time in the prison located on the school campus. This show is weird. Like, really weird. I watched it because I saw some interesting screen caps and thought “you know, it might be good, it might not be that weird” but I honestly had no idea what was coming my way. The art is good though, there are a lot of odd facial expressions for the wacky events that take place throughout the series, and that’s what keeps it entertaining. It’s one of the most random, odd, and unique shows I’ve seen in my lifetime. I’m while on the edge about continuing watching it, I’m pretty sure I will.

5.)  Himouto! Umaru-Chan (still watching)

 This show…I love it so much. There are a lot of people hating on this show to be honest, and a lot who hate the main character, buT I LOVE IT. I’ve been eagerly waiting for a new episode each week, and am never let down when it comes out. This show is funny (reminds me a lil bit of Oreimo), and is a great show to watch to get away from sad or violent shows. It’s basically what I watch for a night of calm and good vibes (hooray!). I like this show because the main character, Umaru, reminds me a lot of myself, so I can relate to the events in the show. There isn’t much of a plot to explain, besides that it shows Umaru-chan, her brother, and her friends daily lives. So grab a bottle cola and plop down, because this show will knock your socks off.

6.)  DanMachi (still watching)

I haven’t watched much of this show yet (only a few episodes in), so I can’t say that it’s completely wowed me, but I am enjoying it so far. At first I thought it was going to be another Harem anime for some reason, but turns out it wasn’t! (Actually I can’t say that for sure it might turn into one like halfway). Anywho, I’m still a little confused about the show overall, and I keep comparing it to SAO since that’s one of the most well known MMORPG anime out there. But what’s confusing me is that this show isn’t set in a game, which is odd since a lot of the newer fantasy shows of this type seem to be a video game. Maybe it’s just me i don’t know. The show is centered around the main character, Bell Cranel, who is new to the adventuring world and is a part of the goddess Hestia’s familia. I’m not entirely sure what the purpose of these are yet, but from what I can tell they get food and level up and shit. While adventuring in the labrinyth (located underneath the city and is freaking massive) he is saved by a girl, who belongs to a well known familia and seems out of reach. Bell works hard to become stronger, and hopes to one day get her (senpai) to notice him. So yeah, I like the show so far, it isn’t my number one spring/summer show but I’m still enjoying it. I like the more medieval-ish vibe I’m getting from it, and it’s a fun show to watch. It’s funny at times, but there’s still adventure and drama.

7.)  Charlotte (still watching)

  I started watching this show only because I thought the main character (Yuu Otosaka) was cute. And I’m glad I started it, because to be honest I wouldn’t have watched it otherwise. Like parasyte, it’s one of those shows that you get wrapped up in, and want to keep watching. Which is a good thing and a bad thing. Good because you stick with it, but bad because you lose your mind waiting for the next episode to come out. This show is pretty good so far though. I like the characters and the artwork, and though the plot is a little confusing at the moment, it’s still a funny and entertaining show. It’s about Yuu Otosaka, and his special ability to basically take over people’s bodies. While doing so, his own body flops over and goes unconscious, while Yuu switches into another person’s body and controls from there. He uses this power to manipulate other people, and it helps him have the perfect life, and get great grades. This worked for a while, until he finds out that he was being watched by students with other special abilities. They have a special job to do, but I stopped watching to watch more parasyte before continuing on (which I will most certainly do soon). Overall it’s a good show so far, it’s funny, it’s entertaining, it’s the whole package.

Okay! That’s it for this week’s random Reccomendations, stay tuned for next week’s article. I’m not entirely sure what it’ll be about, but I’m leaning towards either a list or something video game related. Thanks for reading! Tsuntaku out.


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