My Bootleg Levi

OHMYGOD YOU GUYS IM LAUGHING SO HARD RIGHT NOW! After weeks of research I finally found a Levi figure that I wanted on Amazon, it was the Sen-ti-Nel Brave Act Levi scale figure. All the reviews were good and the pictures in the reviews looked like he was great, so I ordered him. The seller’s name was HyTan, so if you come across this, don’t buy his or hers stuff! Anywho, I waited almost a month for it to arrive, and today, it came in a battered package on my front door. It was wrapped in tape and was almost impossible to open.
Apparently it came from China, but the description said it was being shipped from Japan. Interesting.

So I opened it up and saw the weirdest looking box art. I knew what the box was supposed to look like so what I saw came as a shock to me. It had two fake stickers on it, Petit Chara Land and Chimi Mega, two brands that sell mostly Naruto Chibi figures. Odd.

I stared at the figure through the bend and broken flimsy box for about ten minutes, then I took it out of the box. What the fuck is this. It’s eyes were totally wonky and it looked nothing like the prototype advertised or the pictures in the review. I was super pissed since I spent most of my money on this and waited for so long.


What even. I’ve had an experience with a bootleg figure before, but never one this well hidden. I always do my research and I’ve been lied to today! How could they mistreat my husband like this?!

I wrote a return request and now have to wait 2-3 days for a reply. Great. Gotta have this thing sitting around my room for the next few days. I’m very pissed right now, and if they don’t take it back and give me my money, I will explode and unleash my true fury.
Tsuntaku out!


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