Hello! I’m Tsuntaku, and welcome to my blog :). I had wanted to start a blog for quite some time now, and started it finally after many years. It all started out on MFC (My figure collection) where I turned my love for anime and figure collecting into reviews and “photo shoots”. All of it was new but I wondered what I did before it. I took pictures, and wrote reviews, of Figma figures, Nendoriods, etc.

Over the next three years, however, my passion for anime and all things like that began to decline, as I ventured into American productions trying to be more into a normal persons interests. I stopped listening to K-pop and J-pop, stopped watching anime, and put away my figures. Of course the reviews still remain on this website, and will remain until the internet “dies” or something. There was a need for change, a need to keep this website going. I saw how there was still a consistent amount of views everyday, and it upset me how I just left everyone hanging. So now it begins. My venture to modify this blog for the better.


Also, if you have any questions as to whether a figure is a bootleg or not (I’ve been in the collecting hobby long enough to be able to spot one!) feel free to leave a comment and I will most surely reply. I just finished working on a post on how to indentify one, check it out below,



What did you think?

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