Figure Photos~

I haven’t taken any photos of my figures since April, since I haven’t gotten any new figures since December. As they collected dust on the shelf I felt that it was about time that I took a few out for some photos. Here’s the result.


After finally being released from the house Lion Saber made a run for it, but didn’t make it more than a few inches because of her small size…


The fresh air…the ocean breeze…the fragrant grass…it was so good to be out again. She plopped down in the grass and relaxed.


But what’s this?! There’s an outsider…this was Saber’s time, and Saber’s time alone, nobody else’s. She followed him close behind until he left the area.


Nearby Ika had made her way up the picket fence using her flexible tentacles. She hopes someday she’ll make it back to the beach, it’s only a block away yet so far.


After Saber left to chase away Link, Sayaka and Mami took a break from their magical girl work to have a nice break in the field.


Little did they know Madoka was watching them from behind the entire time.

Well, that’s it! Hope you guys liked these photos, I hope to take more soon 😀

Till next time!



Wonfes Summer 2014: Highlights

I’m obviously way late on this…When I remembered Wonfes was coming around I wasn’t stalking the internet for any trace of released figures, but instead I was out doing other things and completely forgot about it. A month later, and not having anything to post really, I decided to go on out and check the new figures that were released. So I flipped open my laptop, went on Tomopop, and saw the figures for each manufacturer. And these are the ones that stood out to me the most!


I’m just going to kick this off with Eren, who’s looking somewhat bishounen somehow. I think it’s his chest :/. Anyway I’m definitely not planning on buying any of these scale figures, since I can’t say I have the money to. And things like this tend to let you down by surpassing your price expectations by a mile.

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How to tell if a figure is real or fake

Many figures out there could either be the real deal, or a bootleg. Don’t know what a bootleg is? Let me sum it up.

Bootleg: A fake/pirated unofficial version of anything, but in this case, a figure

Bootlegs also look nothing like the original, but some can be sneaky! This post will tell you how to identify before you buy!


Here’s an example, this is figma Kuroneko. One is real, and one is fake. The one on the left is the bootleg, the one on the right, is the real version. Bootleg’s typically have uneven proportions since the whole face is slanted on the fake one ^^; Let’s look at another example.

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